Nature Reenvisioned

Nature is beautiful.

In a society full of technology and fast paced mentalities though, we do not stop to fully enjoy and appreciate the beauty out there. I started this project as a way to explore and study the beautiful shapes and forms of nature. Sure a leaf is a leaf, but have you ever stopped to realize how many different shapes and sizes leaves come in? A lot! And they are beautiful! 

Getting to travel and see new sites has definitely brought this more to my attention. I lived in Ohio for over 13 years and never really stopped to smell the roses you could say. Now that I am in California, a gorgeous state, I am putting in that extra effort to enjoy the beauty of nature. Coming to California, I have been introduced to so many new plants and flowers I had never seen before.  re

I hope you enjoy these beautiful shapes..... 

All images copyright Ashly Deskins