Eyelash extravaganza!

I love trying new products when it comes to makeup. Especially when it enhances my eyelashes and is easy to use! I recently tried the Younique's 3D lashes, and LOVE them! I was born with very short eyelashes, that do not really stand out when I wear mascara. I was skeptical at first, but after trying them, I love them! It does take a couple applications before you really get the hang of how to put the mascara on, but is a very easy process. It is not a 1 step process like you may be accustom to. I have tried wearing false eyelashes, and hated how heavy they were on my eyes. I could never get them straight and they were falling off by the end of the day. This cuts out all of those issues, and your eyelashes look naturally long and full!

I also tried out Youique's eye shadows and fell in love with those as well! They have beautiful colors available and are really fun to play with.

The Pigments I have tried so far are Sexy and Glamorous, but there are plenty of other colors you can try! I tend to stick with purples and tans. May need to venture out of my comfort zone soon! 

The top image is no mascara, the middle is with regular mascara, and the bottom is with 3D youniqu mascara.

The top image is no mascara, the middle is with regular mascara, and the bottom is with 3D Younique mascara.

It is really fun mascara and I LOVE it! I am not an expert when it comes to makeup application, that is one thing I am still learning and having fun with. However, with this makeup, it makes my job way easier! Once you learn how to apply it, it works its magic and just enhances your features. I highly recommend this mascara! If you are interested in checking out these projects, you can find them here!

I hope you enjoyed this lifestyle post!

Thank you for reading, check back for more exciting posts later this week!