Slowing down to get the shot

While in Portland I created a photo that has been produced many times before. This is a gorgeous scene, who wouldn't want to take a picture of this amazing waterfall? While taking photos of well know spots, I never want to take a photo just to have a photo. I try to stay creative with my Photography. I try new techniques, read up on new methods. I want to always be growing as an artist, always challenging myself. I have not attempted many long exposure images but knew Portland would provide great opportunities to do just that.

So while this may be one of the most taken shots, that's not what I see when I look at this image. When I look at this image I am reminded of the camera store we had to stop at before taking this photo so I could get a neutral density filter. A neutral density filter, for those that do not know, allows you to stop down without adjusting ISO or aperture. This allows me to get a smooth look to the water by slowing down the shutter speed. When I look at this photo I am reminded of what a neutral density filter can help me achieve. When I look at this photo I am reminded of the patience I needed to achieve this shot. When I look at this photo I am reminded of my amazing husbands teaching abilities and patience with me when I am learning.

This photo means a lot to me and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do...